Daycare Business Guide

If you wish to start a Daycare then get this guide and market survey which includes:

  • Sample Revenue figures from a daycare
  • What drives overall demand for Daycare services
  • What makes mother's take children to Daycares
  • Important considerations when choosing a Daycare
  • Licenses - County, Public health, Individual health, educational when necessary
  • Types of Daycares
  • Competition & Survival
  • Reasons for closing
  • Status of competition
  • On what is competition based on - Trust, Location, Facilities,Flexibility, Charges, Opening & Closing Hours, Extras, Niches, Staff
  • Some things to think about - Food, Emergencies, Rules of engagement
  • Setting
  • A note on Marketing
  • Revenue
  • 2nd Sample Revenue figures
  • Pricing
  • Branding and Revenue
  • Foot Traffic
  • Revenue & Flexibility
  • Pricing and Revenue
  • Other factors influencing revenue
  • Break even point
  • Consumer behavior
  • Major complaints and fears among mothers
  • Manpower
  • Capital & equipment
  • Suppliers
  • Capital

"...Charging below or far above the local average or mode (the amount most of the Daycares in the area are charging) has a negative impact on revenue, unless in highly densely populated areas like slums. In such there is a variety of customers ready to pay a wide range of fees. In less populated areas a price 40 % below or above the local mode reduced the long term attraction of customers. Despite the facilities higher prices seemed like exploitation while lower price hinted at poor standards. ..."

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