Movie Shop Guide & Market Survey

What are the prospects of this business that operates on a legal grey area, is relatively easy to start and quite fashionable among consumers and small investors? The Movie Shop guide and survey includes:
  • Licenses
  • Capital
  • Equipment 
  • Competition
  • Average numbers of opening and closing
  • Reasons for closing
  • Actual Figures from a movie shop
  • On what is competition based on
  • Revenue
  • Revenue averages
  • Margins
  • Revenue trends
  • Average purchase per customer
  • Manpower
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Set Up Examples
  • Tips, Tricks and so much much more

"....Of the retail price the direct cost is that of a blank DVD. The price depends on the source and quantity of purchase. The range is Ksh.13 to Ksh.20, depending on the source and bulk with most vendors purchasing a blank DVD at an average price of Ksh.16. The price depends on source, quantity, make and quality of the DVD. Most shops use DVD of standard quality...."

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