Sifted Maize Flour Mill

If you would like to mill and pack sifted maize flour this quick but detailed guide and survey will give you a good picture of the business. It includes:
  • Whole meal Vs Sifted Flour
  • Other Maize Products
  • A Note on Packing Whole Meal
  • A General Note on Cereal Processing
  • Some Quick Facts About Maize Consumption
  • Things To Think About
  • Shelf Life
  • The Market
  • Maize Millers & Capacity
  • Barriers To Entry
  • Competition & Survival In The Sifted Maize Flour Business
  • Packaging & Marketing
  • Categories of Sifted Maize Flour Consumers
  • Retail Consumers
  • Institutional Consumers
  • On what is Competition Based On
  • Production
  • Major Players in Maize Chain From Farm to Table
  • Location
  • Factors to Consider When Choosing Location of your Premises
  • Premises - Factors to Consider
  • Possible Layout
  • Rent
  • Renovation
  • Equipment
  • Main Equipment Parts
  • Factors To Consider When Purchasing Equipment
  • Equipment Suppliers
  • Capital Breakdown - Prices of Equipment ,Packaging and Other Items
  • Licenses
  • Revenue & Margins
  • Sample Revenue Breakdown
  • Revenue Trends
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Tips, Tricks& More

"…You then need to have packets and various sacks/bags branded with your colors and logo. The cost includes:

- That of the actual bag or packet
- That of the mould to be used in the printing
- Actual cost of printing

A mould costs an average of Kshs.7000 per quantity. This means if you say have 10kg, 45 kg, 50kg and 90 kg then it will be Kshs. 6000 * 4 = Kshs. 28,000.Branding the sack will vary with the size and company but a 90 kg averages Kshs. 48 per sack, 60Kg Kshs. 44, 50kg Kg Kshs. 42. This includes the price of the sack and branding. Usually companies involved in the business will insist on a 500 pieces minimum per quantity. Thus if you have 3 quantities 90kg, 60kg, and 50kg it will cost you (Kshs. 48 * 500) + (Kshs. 44 * 500) + ( Kshs. 42* 500 ) amounting to Kshs. 24,000 + Kshs. 22,000 + Kshs.21,000 = Kshs. 67,000.

The average cost of a 2 Kg packet is Kshs.6 and 1 Kg. Ksh. 4. The exact price will depend on the quantities ordered and the packaging company. You also need a mould which costs an average of Ksh. 25,000 per each quantity. So if you are packing in 2 and 1 kg packs you need Kshs. 50,000 (Kshs.25,000 * 2) for the moulds…"

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