Courier Business Guide

               E-commerce has generated lots of business for small and medium scale courier businesses both intra and inter city . And there are more opportunities waiting. 

                  This quick guide will jump start your investment in the courier business. As a bonus it also includes a sample courier business plan. A business plan is required during registration. 
The guide contains:

  • Overview and Trends   
  • Types of Courier Operators   
  • Licenses   
  • Communication Authority License   
  • To get the license or not?   
  • Firms that require a license   
  • License term   
  • Penalties for illegal operation   
  • Licensing Procedure   
  • CA  License Fees   
  • County Single Business Permit   
  • Outdoor Advertising License   
  • Starting   
  • Intercity Courier Operator   
  • Route Choice   
  • Some Factors To Consider When Picking A Route   
  • Equipment   
  • Premises   
  • Capital Breakdown   
  • Pricing, Expenses & Margins   
  • Operations   
  • Manpower   
  • Acquiring Customers   
  • Motorcycle Intracity Courier Service   
  • Equipment   
  • Pricing, Margins and Expenses   
  • Pricing Observations   
  • Quick Case Study   
  • Types of Intracity Courier Services   
  • Acquiring Customers   
  • Competition and Survival   
  • Figures   
  • Courier Items Traffic   
  • Courier Outlets   
  • Courier Revenue   
  • Observations   
  • Critical Success Factors
  • Challenges   

Total : 35 Pages.

"....The truck consumes an average of 180 liters of diesel to and fro.... The cost of diesel in the month of May in Nairobi averaged Kshs. 71 per liter. This means that fuel costs for the whole trip amounted to Kshs. 12, 780.....

....Other direct expenses include Kshs. 500 per day allowance for the turn boy during the trip. And Kshs. 1,500 per day for the driver. The driver’s amount is be used to bribe the police if need be and for any such contingencies. ...."

".....There are many startup courier companies using motorcycles or even trucks, which operate without this license. There are several reasons for this.....Lastly the CA does not have the capacity to monitor each and every business or individual offering “courier” services. This does not mean that the CA is not on the lookout; it is. If caught operating without a license there are penalties, specifically a jail term not exceeding one year or a fine not exceeding Ksh.300, 000 or both.  Of course if caught there could be ways to wiggle around it, but then why get yourself in that situation in the first place. ...."

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  1. Are there statistics in these biz plans? Coz a buyer would want to know the size of the market: how many couriers are registered in kenya, how many goods are delivered per year in total, etc. Its good that you've mentioned about total revenue generated in one year as compared to previous year.



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