Leather : Skin Trade

Would you like to trade in skins? . This quick guide, first in the Leather Series, will help you become a skin trader. You get to know the process, realities, challenges and opportunities. 

The guide contains: 

  • Overview
  • The Hides and Skins Value Chain
  • Notes on The Value Chain.
  • Skin Quality and Grading
  • Why Quality Matters
  • Beginners & Quality
  • Key things to keep in mind when gauging the quality of skins
  • Where To Buy Skins
  • Slaughterhouses, Rural &Urban Aggregators
  • The Tanzania Option
  • Revenue and Costs
  • Example One
  • Example Two
  • Revenue : Some Things To Know
  • Where To Sell
  • Barriers To Entry
  • Critical Success Factors
  • Tips, Tricks and Much more

"...The selling price of Kshs.150 per piece is an average for Grade 1 . Prices change as per demand and supply. If say the tannery is buying Grade 1 skins at Kshs.150, then the cost of Grade 2 will be between Kshs. 60 and Kshs.80, grade three Kshs.40. There are times tanneries buy grade 2 and 3 are bought at one price if the percentage of Grade 1 is high, say 70 %. Prices fall within a certain range but are not fixed and there is a lot of haggling...."

"....Another thing that you need to know is that when transporting the skins never declare the actual quantity- you will pay hefty levies on your way. For instance if you have 7500 pieces you can declare 2500 pieces

In the above case if you declare that you have 7000 pieces instead of 10,000 the Kshs. 250,000 could go down. No one has time to count.

For a beginner all this may look complex, but it’s not. Once you get into it everything becomes clear and simpler.

On the Kenyan side also make sure you do not declare the actual quantity. The reason being the county officials charge cess on the number of pieces you have at an average of Kshs.10 per skin. Traders sometimes declare 500 pieces even when they are ferrying thousands. County officials don’t have the capacity to count each of the skins. Of course you could be required to g
ive a small monetary consideration to the county officials so that they turn a blind eye......."

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