Pork Butchery & Eatery Guide

Its a fact that more consumers are embracing pork. Get this 29 page guide to start your own pork butchery and eatery. It contains:

Overview & Demand Trends
Premises Setting
Pork Sources
Capital Breakdown
Prices and Margins
Notes on Revenue
Factors Influencing Revenue
Pork Eatery Case Study
Competition and Survival
Reasons for Poor Sales
Dominant Players
Barriers to Entry
Critical Success Factors
Consumer Behavior
much more

...As can be seen from the table above the wholesale price of pork on the upper side is Kshs.240 per kilogram while the retail price averages Kshs.400 per kilogram. There are slight variations to this. Gross margins thus average Kshs.160 per kilogram....

...From the figures above a quarter of raw pork is Kshs.100 while that of cooked pork could be Kshs.140 (served with Ugali). Now if you consider the cost in labour, inputs and time is the extra amount, Kshs.40 in this case, worth it?....

Total : 29 Pages.

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