Gym Business

This 38 page guide is for you who wants to start a gym business. Its realistic and street smart. The guide contains:

  • Overview and Trends   
  • The Modern Gym   
  • Major Types of Gyms   
  • Location & Premises   
  • Where To Locate Your Gym   
  • Factors to consider when picking the location of your gym   
  • What to consider when picking the premises   
  • Layout   
  • Changing Room   
  • Licenses   
  • Equipment   
  • Commercial vs Home Equipment   
  • New vs Second Hand
  • Jua Kali vs. Factory (Professionally) made
  • Classification by use   
  • Types of Equipment   
  • Flooring   
  • Strength Equipment:
  • Benches   
  • Presses   
  • Racks   
  • Bars and Barbells   
  • Weights:   
  • Pulleys:   
  • Cardio Equipment :  
  • Exercise Bikes   
  • Cross Trainer / Elliptical Trainer   
  • Treadmill   
  • Rowing Machine   
  • Aerobics Equipment   
  • Other Equipment   
  • Equipment: Things To Keep In Mind   
  • Suppliers   
  • Capital Breakdown   
  • Notes on Capital   
  • Operations  : 
  • Opening and Closing Hours   
  • Signing In   
  • Self Training and Personal Trainer   
  • Sanitization   
  • Reserving Equipment   
  • Operation - Aerobics   
  • Shower   
  • Cleaning   
  • Rules   
  • Membership   
  • Monthly and Daily Membership   
  • Monthly Members Turnover   
  • Non – Renewal: Common Reasons   
  • Members’ Goals   
  • Fitting In   
  • Keeping up with the trends.
  • Keeping It Fresh   
  • Revenue   
  • Fees & Sources of Income
  • Major Expenses   
  • Case Study   
  • Breakeven: A Scenario   
  • Revenue: Things To Keep In Mind   
  • Losses: Common Reasons   
  • Much more

"....understand that in the gym equipment market there are home equipment and commercial equipment. Home equipment are made for use in the house by an individual or family, while commercial equipment are heavy duty equipment made for intensive use by many users. Home equipment are always cheaper than commercial equipment.

 Either attracted by price or for lack of knowledge some entrepreneurs in the gym business start with home equipment. The downside of this is that after a short while, sometimes as short as a month, the equipment breaks downs or has defects that make them unusable.  This negatively affects service not to mention that the entrepreneurs have to go back and purchase replacements for some of the defects can’t be repaired. Woe unto you if you make the mistake of purchasing home equipment once more.

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