Printing Business Guide

Do you want to start a printing business? This 58 page guide will give you a very good picture of the business. It contains:

    About this Printing Business Guide
    Overview of the Business
    Types of Printing
    Indoor Printing:
    Offset Printing:
    Steps in Offset Printing
    Offset Printing Equipment
    Finishing Equipment
    A Business Note

    Laser Printing:
    A Business Note

    Inkjet Printing:
    A Business Note

    Wide Format Printers (Indoor)
    A Note on CAD Plotters
    Outdoor Printing
    Large Format Printing
    Factors To Consider When Purchasing Large Format Printers
    Example of the Features of A Large Format Printer
    Other Equipment Required
    A Business Note

    A Note on Vehicle Branding
    Promotional and Gift Items Printing

    Screen Printing:
    Steps In Screen Printing
    Types of Screen Printing Machines
    Equipment Needed
    A Note on Screen Printing Premises
    Screen Printing Major Costs
    Some Tips

    Heat Transfer Printing
    Overview and Steps
    Equipment Required
    Setting Up

    Item: Type of Printing
    Factors To Consider When Deciding The Type of Printing To Invest In
   The Figures
    Types of Printing Business Operations
    Key Steps In Starting A Printing Business
    Revenue and Margins:
    A Note About Revenue
    Revenue Figures
    Large Format Example
    Offset Example
    Screen Printing Example
    Other Examples

    Competition & Survival

"...To help you get an idea of the margins in the offset printing business let us now give an example of printing a document such as the one below:


The leaflet is size A5 and printed on Art Paper 130.

In this case you will buy A1 papers and cut to A5 size. A ream of Artpaper GSM 130 costs Kshs. 4800 (115 – Kshs.4400, 100 – Kshs.4000) A ream has 500 papers.

If you cut A1 to A5 you get 16 pieces. Thus a ream will give 16 * 500 = 8000 pieces.

This is full colour, thus you need four plates @ Kshs.200 each, coming to Kshs.800. This is using a CTP. .."
Wondering what CTP, Full colour, GSM and all this is about? Its all there in the guide in layman's terms.

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