Innerwear Business Guide

Boxers, Bras, Bikers, Socks, Panties, Vests, Lingerie, Handkerchiefs and more are included in this quick guide for you who want to get into the innerwear retail business.

This guide contains:
  • Overview   
  • Innerwear Consumption Trends   
  • Innerwear Business Setups   
  • Revenue: Figures and Case Studies   
  • Case Study 1: Children Innerwear Shop   
  • Case Study 2: Women Innerwear Shop   
  • Case Study 3: Roadside Vendor A   
  • Case Study 4: Street Vendor A   
  • Case Study 5: Wholesaler A Prices
  • Case Study 6: Wholesaler B Prices
  • What Influences Sales   
  • Pricing   
  • Capital   
  • Notes on Capital   
  • Consumer Survey: Women   
  • Quality   
  • Vendor Loyalty   
  • Frequency of Purchase   
  • Purchase Triggers   
  • Frequently Bought Innerwear   
  • Panty Type   
  • Bra Type   
  • Considerations When Purchasing Panties   
  • Niche Innerwear?   
  • Secondhand Innerwear   
  • Highest Amount Spent on Innerwear   
  • Least Amount Spent on Innerwear   
  • Choice of Innerwear
  • Shy?   
  • Attendant Preference   
  • Online Shopping
  • Conclusion   
  • Starting : Step by Step   
  • What Competition Is Based On
  • Reasons For Closing Down   
  • A Note on Cotton and Laces Panties   
  • Wholesalers    

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