Plumbing Hardware Retail Guide

    For you who wants  to start a hardware specializing in plumbing materials this 35 page report will guide you step by step. It contains:
  •     Introduction
  •     Why Specialize?        
  •     Plumbing Shops Set Ups      
  •     Choice of Set Up      
  •     Target Market
  •     Main Customers        
  •     The Construction Purchase Process  
  •     What Plumbers Want
  •     ‘Non – Plumber’ Customers 
  •     Stocking     
  •     Overview    
  •     Main Categories of Plumbing Items 
  •     Pipes
  •     Fittings       
  •     Kitchen Plumbing
  •     Bathroom Plumbing     
  •     Toilet Plumbing
  •     Other Plumbing
  •     What should you stock?       
  •     Location     
  •     Starting       
  •     Licenses      
  •     Market Entry 
  •     Revenue and Margins
  •     Sample Wholesale & Retail Prices    
  •     Notes on Revenue & Margins
  •     What Affects Sales   
  •     Breakeven   
  •     Capital Breakdown   
  •     Notes on Capital       
  •     Operations  
  •     Manpower  
  •     Opportunity
  •     Case Studies
  •     Suppliers    
  •     Much more

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