Concreting (Koroga) Business Guide

Concreting is what is commonly known as Koroga. The business involves renting out mixers, vibrators, hoists and making the concrete.
The guide contains:
Purpose of Concreting
Types of Concreting
Methods of Making Concrete
Automated (Ready Mix Concrete)
Overview and Process
Reasons for Using Ready Mixes
Semi Automatic
Drum Mixers
Pan Mixers
Choice of Mixer
Factors To Consider When Purchasing A Mixer
Factors To Consider When Buying A Hoist
Other Items
Possible Set Up / Capital Breakdown
Operations and Manpower
Key Concreting Activities
Requirements and Case Study
Manpower Notes
Pricing and Revenue
Revenue Overview & Case Study
Notes on revenue
Market Entry
What Consumers Want
Much More

"......Still there are what are considered leasing rates for equipment. The rate depends on the locality, equipment owner and site supervisor. In a given locality the rates tend to fall within a given range. In areas with a lot of construction activities and where competition is intense this range is rather wide.

Using the same case study above the cost of hiring the equipment was as follows: 

The Guide Has A Table With Figures

Now if you as the equipment owner was renting out the equipment you would charge Kshs.10, 000. You will also be required to provide an operator for each of the equipment to be paid from the Kshs.10, 000. This is just from this particular case study but gives a pretty realistic picture of what to expect.

Now if you have the whole contract meaning equipment and manpower then your pricing could be as follows: ...."

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