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About Us

When you start a business and run it successfully you make life better for your family, yourself, your workers and the world at large. 

When you have realistic information so do you increase your chances of success in business; you avoid mistakes, make right decisions, save on time and resources. 

Our Mission is to provide you with the right information; the confidence to start a successful business. We want to help you increase your income by providing you with street smart information to start a successful business. Here is a story:

The Start
In 2013. Lack of authentic info to start a cyber cafĂ© inspired the founder to start Crack A Business Kenya to provide data to potential entrepreneurs . It remained a passion side project until 2015. 
Founder’s Background:  BA (Economics), Writer, Researcher, Kwani Trust, co-writer Nairobi Half Life, Entrepreneur, Street Smart and more from past and present.

The Team
Michael, Juliet, Felicity, Fred, Jack and all other researchers of different backgrounds, experiences and qualification. We understand theory but honour the practical.

Types of Customers

Type 1:  With capital but no idea which business to start.
Type 2: With idea but no knowledge of process & market.
Type 3:  With no capital or idea but dream of a business one day.
Type 4: With running businesses but seeking insights on how to grow.

What is contained in a guide?

- Market  Analysis
- Process
- Licenses
- Equipment
- Suppliers & Prices 
- Raw Materials 
- Buying Selling Prices
- Production Costs
- Operations
- Revenue & Margins
- Case Studies
- Manpower 
- Capital breakdown
- Opportunities
- Tips, Tricks and much more
Our Process
Identify business – based on customer requests, trends and observed opportunity.
Make contact with a person in the business to get a general feel.
Map the topics to be covered.
Determine representative towns.
Map the formal research.
Map the informal research ( how we get the tricks, dirty, records and  more)
Analyze the data.
Fill in the gaps.
Compile & review.
Release to the public

Number of Guides
70 and counting. Adding and withdrawing as per the market needs.

Latest Guide
Tyres Retail Guide

Most Popular Guides
Motorcycle Spare Parts – Best of all time
Petrol Station
Chips and Chicken
Sifted Maize Flour

No of Customers
At least 1700. 

Successful Business Started
At least 260. And those only from feedback. Many others we don’t know about. Wait for the photos and videos.

22,000 Likes as of December 2019  Facebook.com/kenyaknowhow

Plagiarized all over.  Over 16 pirates infringing on our copyright and making some money but lacking the knowledge and passion to be of much help (We are coming for you pirates). Inspired tens of ‘business’ websites.  Shared all over. 

- Vacant business premises identification& analysis –Already testing.  Launching in January.
- Business comparative tools – Already testing 

Why get the guides?

  • Know the requirements for starting various businesses.
  • Understand what is happening in the market
  • Discover opportunities.
  • Know the possible capital required
  • Know equipment, considerations, suppliers, and pricing
  • Know the major costs
  • Know the licenses, costs, and timelines.
  • Increase your income
  • Start a business
  • Increase the chances of success in a big way. 
  • Understand the step by step process of starting a business
  • Avoid mistakes
  • Know the tricks
  • Know the market
  • Save time & resources
  • Guard against starting a bad business
  • Get answers.
  • Better life

I wonder if people take these guides seriously when they see them on Facebook - Philip – Started Electrical shop in Kitengela “

Very detailed and accurate work. I have read the boda boda spare parts guide and i can tell you I have never been so enlightened like I have. – Jenny Kathambi as seen on this website.

Weldon Rono Kechwo Very smart, step by step guide. Already received mine and in progress of implementation. Thanks. 

My mistake would have to buy spares without considering the most popular cycles in the area - Sharon – Started Motorcycle shop in Kirigiti 

Emmanuel Juma - If you want to be an entrepreneur buy these books, they very detailed. Invest in business knowledge first

I knew there was an opportunity but had no idea how to go about starting the business - Ochieng started an Ice Lollies business  in Siaya 

Started a different business but the guides inspired me. Helped me a lot - James – Started bakery in Nairobi 

In The News
The Standard –May 24th, 2017.  
Quoted in various articles in the Business Daily

Contact us : Call / Text / Whatsapp 0712 473 455.  Get the guides here

 Remember a street smart investor is a successful entrepreneur. 


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