About Us

What We Do

Our mission is to help you make money by starting a successful business . We know that many small business fail because of inadequate information .

That many new , and sometimes even seasoned , entrepreneurs fail because they rely on outsider information , rhetoric and the kind of talk that is too theoretical. So they get into the business only to be hit by some tough realities of which they were not prepared for .

To make you succeed we provide you with the good and the bad of market .We tell you what is happening and what to expect . We tell you about  Revenue & Margins , Prices, Revenue tricks , Competition & Survival , Differentiation , Consumer Behaviour , Manpower and so much more .

And in case you decide to start a business we give you The How - Licenses, Suppliers , Equipment , Process and more.

How We Do It

In order to give you the street smart realities in the market we collect data by participation , direct and indirect interviews , observations , 'undercover ' business intelligence methods and of course gather data from local authorities, government agencies and other private sources.

Who We Are

We are professionals of different backgrounds , experiences and qualifications .

All members of the team have practical experience in  small, medium sized and large businesses . We understand business theory but still honor the practical.


You can reach us through Call / Whatsapp / SMS to 0712 473 455. 

Email: info@kenyaknowhow.com


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