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List of All Guides

Below is a list of all guides we have ready.

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  1. Wines and Spirits 2021
  2. Quarry Business
  3. Milk Distribution Factsheet 2021
  4. Auto Garage Business 
  5. Maize Milling
  6. Real Estate Agency
  7. Motorcycle Spare Parts 2021
  8. Condom Distribution Factsheet
  9. Car Wash 2020
  10. General Hardware
  11. Basic Computer College Factsheet
  12. Petrol Station - Includes 2021 figures
  13. Private Primary  
  14. Tyres Retail
  15. Bottled Water
  16. Nail Making Machine - New 
  17. Supermarket - New 
  18. Plumbing Hardware Retail - New 
  19. FMCG Small Scale Wholesaler - New
  20. Concreting (Koroga) Guide - New 
  21. Non Woven Bags Making
  22. Printing Business Guide 
  23. Gym Business 
  24. Courier Business
  25. Cosmetics Retail Business 
  26. Electrical Parts Retail  
  27. Innerwear Retail Business 
  28. Cyber Cafe  
  29. Auto Glass Factsheet 
  30. Leather 1: Skin Trade 
  31. Chemist Retail  
  32. Pork Butchery & Eatery 
  33. Bank Agency Factsheet 
  34. Cake Packaging - The Business Opportunity 
  35. Mitumba Clothes ( R) 
  36. Timber Yard 
  37. Tiles Retail Factsheet 
  38. 'Local' Bar
  39. Laundry 
  40. Chips & Chicken Cafe
  41. Baking Cookies - Process, Market, Opportunities 
  42. Daycare 
  43. Gas (LPG) Retail 
  44. Senator Keg Bar 
  45. Money Lending (Informal) - A Quick Overview 
  46. Slot Machine (Informal) 
  47. Paint Mixing ( Informal)
  48. Second Hand Novels (R) 
  49. Fish Supply - Nairobi Quick Survey 
  50. Agrovet 
  51. Ice Lollies Making ( Quick Guide ) 
  52. Milk Distributorship 
  53. Gift Service
  54. Tents & Chairs Leasing 
  55. Free Advertiser Magazine ( Quick Guide & Case Study ) 
  56. Bookshop 
  57. Hair Salon 
  58. M-pesa Sub Agent
  59. Executive Barber Shop 
  60. Handbag Rental Service 
  61. Fruit / Juice Parlor 
  62. Movie Shop
  63. Chapati Wholesale Case Study
  64. Smokies & Egg Vending 
  65. Flowers - Nairobi (Retail/ Wholesale ) 
  66. Beef Butchery 
  67. Supermarket Shelf Space Guide 
  68. Restaurant Cooking Oil Filtering Service - ( Feasibility) 
  69. Tomato ( Greenhouse ) - Quick Market & Production Guide 
  70. Chicken Butchery 
  71. Boda Boda 
  72. Building Materials Yard: Dynamics & Case Study.

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  1. Amazing guides. I just purchased and read them. My question is how did you do it? No one in Kenya has ever done so accurate survey than this! Am really happy. Can you do something on Beekeeping value chain? and also on Home and office cleaning?

    1. Thank you Jack, and many regrets for the delay in replying and acknowledging. We missed it somehow. That said we are working on Bee Keeping starting with honey processing and marketing. Cleaning Services too. We had planned to have these ready by end of February but we are running slightly late. We will have honey ready by end of March

  2. Am looking for a guide on Motor vehicle garage. Any help would be highly appreciated.

    1. Hello, we plan to have this guide ready in May.

    2. I need the motor vehicle spare parts guide both used and new. I talked to one of your staff and he told me it will be ready by May. thanks for the insights as I wait to have a copy of that.

  3. Very detailed and accurate work. I have read the boda boda spare parts guide and i can tell you i have never been so enlightened like i have.

    1. Thank you Jenny. And all the very best in your business. Feel free to get in touch if you need help.

  4. Am looking for A guide on Hardware Materials and Equipment

  5. Greetings, excellent guides. Though i would to see guides to Transportation, Car Hire services, Financial/business consulting, Tyre and retreading, raw chips supply,

    1. Hello and thank you. We are working on Matatu, Courier, Tyres and something on Financial Services. We hope to have most of them ready this month.

  6. Do you have any for wines and spirits supply?

  7. very good initiative. keep it up. create visibility for your initiative, hata kwa face book, twitter, etc

    1. Thank you for the compliments and suggestions. We will create more publicity soon.

  8. Do you have a guide on briquette making?

  9. hey,can i get one for goat farming?

  10. I would like to see guides on milk distribution and cereals

  11. Guides on juicy polar

  12. Hallo. Tour and travel guide?

  13. how to start a garbage collection company

  14. A market survey for gaming lounge?

  15. Can't wait to purchase these guides at the end of the month. Can you do something on "advertising paper"?

  16. Hello.. I am looking for a guide on Hardware Materials especially cement. Kindly advise whether you have one.

  17. thanks for the knowledge base info. I would like to start a computer related business (technology)..any guide

  18. Hi. I am looking for a guide in getting a car to UBER and seedling sales (food and flowers)

  19. I'm looking for a guide in starting and operating an electrical and electronics shop

  20. KLV3NWTZTF Confirmed. Ksh999.00 paid to CRACK A BUSINESS KENYA on 31/12/16 at 11:40 AM.New M-PESA balance is Ksh Hakikisha! Press any letter or number and send to stop transaction. Patiently waiting.

  21. My interest is a guide for a cleaning services business. Kindly let me know when you have it. I would like to purchase that.

  22. This is nice. I am interested in a guide on Photocopy/printing/scanning/design shop.
    Also software and computer services business.

  23. very detailed analysis, well done! is it possible for you to have one on animal feeds and poultry farming

  24. Hi, do you have a tours and travel guide? I would like to invest as from 2018 and m looking to knkw the details. Thanks.

  25. HI, can u do something on the motor vehicle spares,both used n new, from local sources n international,also this imports from dubai and other markets of used parts,also interested in spare parts for trucke.g mercedes(al brands),man and others on kenyan roads

  26. Looks like the dry cleaning business is not ready yet. When?

  27. Great guides... I would like one on Library services

  28. Am looking for a guide in roofing sheets (mabati) production company



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